Fredericksburg City Public Schools (FCPS) Receives $2,597,240 to Purchase 10 Electric School Buses

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On May 5, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) announced more than $14 million in funding for public schools throughout the Commonwealth to replace old diesel school buses with all-electric buses.

Eleven school divisions received grant funding. FCPS completed the grant application in the spring and will receive $2,597,240 to purchase 10 electric school buses.

These awards, made through the Clean School Bus Program (CBSP), complement more than $10 million awarded last August to replace 72 diesel school buses in 17 districts with electric and propane buses.

Deputy Superintendent Matt Eberhardt said that “there are significant benefits to electric buses like reduced fuel costs, zero emissions, reduced noise pollution and longer life expectancies of the vehicles with less maintenance.”

“It’s important that we remove older buses in order to reduce air pollution and reduce the carbon footprint,” Eberhardt said.

This is a significant step toward City Council’s 100% Renewable Energy Resolution and commitment to the goal of powering municipal and operations with 100% renewable energy by 2035, or earlier. This FCPS effort would help the city’s sustainability commitments by working together to increase energy efficiency and lower carbon emissions.

“This electric bus initiative will educate students in an authentic way about the importance of clean fuel solutions, healthy air, and personal and public economic opportunities and fiscal responsibility. We have already begun energy audits and opportunity reviews for solar, electric vehicles, reduced energy usage, etc.; however, we want and need to go farther by doing more in concert with the City and UMW to maximize potential,” stated Dr. Marci Catlett, Superintendent of Schools.

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