Turkey Trot Info

First page of the PDF file: TurkeyTrotLESInfo2022
First page of the PDF file: TurkeyTrotLESInfo2022

LES' turkey troy will take place Tuesday, November 15, 2022. The turkey trot is an organized fun run so that all children can enjoy the benefits of physical activity, and all participants will receive a prize! The trot will take place during the school day (during special area class).

5th grade; 8:50 AM.

4th grade; 9:45 AM.

3rd grade; 10:40 AM.

Kindergarten; 12:10 PM

2nd grade; 1:05 PM.

1st grade; 2:00 PM. 

There is no charge to participate in the turkey trot. If you would like to make a donation to the PE department toward the purchase of prizes, ribbons, supplies, and equipment it's appreciated. Thanks in advance! 

Parents/spectators are welcome to attend but must stay in the designated area and are not allowed to enter the building. 

Before the race, notify PE staff if your student(s) has any special health or emergency needs they'll need to be aware of. You can contact PE staff at eflynn@cityschools.com or vduranfernandez@cityschools.com or dvales@cityschools.com

On race day, make sure your student is wearing running shoes and dressed for comfort/weather.